—  From 23 to 25th November 2023  —


Barcelona , 23-25th November 2023

El Baúl Secreto de Pau Casals

Clara discovered a fake roof, located directly under the roof of an old house, and entered the attic. Long ago, there was life in this corner of the building, but now it’s a space with old furniture and shadows. 

Abandoned, dusty, silent. Clara is looking for a trunk! She has been looking for Paul Casals’ secret suitcase for a long time. With her discoveries, Clara transforms darkness, fear, and mystery into joy and pleasure!


Clara del Ruste

Author, director and actress

Artist and actress. She has worked as an actress in various companies such as Joglars and Dagoll Dagom (Actress Singer). Painter and sculptor. She created, directed, and performed many musical stories for children and family audiences. She has a very comic side, which sometimes turns her into a politically incorrect actress. She has worked on television to create dramas, ideas, and voices for different TV dramas, movies, and radio programs. A narrator of books and stories. Drama teacher, public speaking skills, drama production tools, etc. She is the creator of Teatre+, Stimulart and Coach&Cos. She works for the record company of Mezzosoprano and is currently a cellist. She is a mezzo-soprano singer, a member of the Gran Teatre del Liceu Choir and plays the cello in the DILETANT Orchestra. She is a member of the Dilettante Orchestra.

Irene Labrador


She completed her master’s and graduate studies with honorary tuition fees from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. Danish scholarship winner Karen Og Arthur Feldtussens Fond. She has served as a major national and international auditor. She recorded with Piano Records and Great Canyon Records through the discographic company Ars Harmònica. She studied for a degree with Jose Moore at the Catalan Conservatory of Music and received training on the Dalcroze certificate at other educational institutions. She is currently the research director of the Les Franques del Vallès Conservatory of Music in Barcelona. Since 2016, she has been invited to serve as a cello teacher for the Danish Musicsak Orchestra, which has allowed her to travel in South America, Europe, and Asia.

Adam Purti


n actor sensitive to music, dance, and the “clown”. He received his training in The Timamibal School and Berty Tobias International Studies on Lecoq methodology (masks, clown, buffoon). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Art Studies (ESAD) and a major in Physical Performance at the Barcelona Academy of Drama. He has participated in various works and performances, emphasizing his involvement in the Danish drama “Towards Sports” and the Gracia Theatre. Drummer student at the Gracia Conservatory of Music, studying piano and Solfeo with Ángels Soler, and singing with Toni Gubau. He also participated in different contemporary dance courses (Sol Picóo, Moreno Bernardi, Andrées Corchero) and performance courses (Israel Solà, Mirea Juáarez, Judith Colell).

Co-founder and member of Pluït Company.

Xavi Erra

Stage Designer

Graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Internationally renowned stage designer specializing in circus and art stage design. He has won multiple awards, including the National Circus Award, the Catalan Circus Zilcolica Award, the Butaka Award, the Main Stage Award, the Fade Sebastia Gash Award, and the Belo Horizonte Film Festival Public Award.