—  From 23 to 25th November 2023  —


Barcelona , 23-25th November 2023

Health as a fundamental axis for sustainable social development that respects the environment

Dehumanization invades essential aspects of our social reality today, also in the health field. However, this is not fatalism. Never has the future of the human species been so clearly linked to Medicine as it is today. A sick society cannot expect to have a healthy economy. And neither does an uncultured society.

The great lesson of evolution is cooperation between species (Bruce Lipton). Ours must overcome its phase from “naked monkey” (Desmon Morris) to “intelligent and cooperative monkey” where health and education are the true backbones of an advanced society.


Victor Oliveras Deulofeu

21st Century National Award for Preventive Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, MBA from IESE.

Extensive professional experience in primary care – general medicine and health management. After completing his doctorate, with research that reorients cardiovascular prevention in middle ages, and receiving the SXXI National Award (2020) in Preventive Medicine, he is promoter and medical director of UMMI. His usual general medicine activity is integrated into UMMI, working closely with his nursing and biomedicine team. He also collaborates with a qualified network of expert specialists and health professionals.

Bruce Harold Lipton

Doctor in cellular biology

Doctor in cellular biology, he is currently considered an internationally recognized leader in the reduction of science and spirit. Cellular biologist, renowned author of The Biology of Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Prize, has been a guest speaker on hundreds of television and radio programs, as well as a keynote presenter for national and international conferences.

Javier Cabo Salvador

Professor of Biomedical Engineering at UCAM

He is considered an eminence in the field of cardiovascular surgery. He is a professor of Biomedical Engineering at UCAM. He is the director of the UDIMA Health Sciences Department, as well as the CEF Health Management Department, among many other positions. Master in Senior Management and Management of Health Services in different national and international universities. Doctor Honoris Causa by World Health Organization GOEH (USA).

Lluís Solanell Banegas

Master's Degree in Teacher Training. Member of the Observatory of Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies (UIC)

Master’s Degree in Teacher Training. Member of the Observatory of Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies (UIC), Master in Pulmonary Diseases (UB) Telecommunications Engineer (UPC). He has extensive international experience in Ibiomedical R&D+. His specialized professional career has led him to lead an initiative that anticipates great changes in the immediate future: health professionals and users will be able to participate in a new model of collaborative, close and global healthcare network, focused on the patient, with the support of its advanced medical data management and artificial intelligence (AI).

Manel Bestraten

Technical Advisor of INSST (National Institute of Safety and Health at Work) and president of MIESES GLOBAL. Trained as an industrial engineer and architect, he is a specialist in occupational safety, chemical risk, and advanced prevention management systems within a framework of Excellence. He develops research projects