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Barcelona , 23-25th November 2023

About the
World Peace Forum

The World Peace Forum has become a platform for best practice exchange and a marketplace for peacemakers.

Once a year peacemakers are invited to present their projects and ideas, their efforts and ways to build a more peaceful world. A small, yet international group of scholars, researchers, artists, politicians and citizens from around the world organized an initial conference in Schengen, Luxembourg in 2006. From this small event the World Peace Forum has developed into a global platform for peace activists and initiatives.

Each year is given a particular theme for discussion, these have included Conflict Resolution, Connecting Peacemakers and Women, Stability & Peace. In2015 the World Peace Forum took it’s first real steps into the world and organized the 1st Youth World Peace Forum in Cairo, Egypt followed by the World Peace Forum in the city of Baia Mare, Romania working on the topic of “Finding Common Global Values“. Our 2016 World Peace Forum will be hosted in Florianopolis, Brazil under the motto “We believe“ extending our network in South America. 

Meet our city

The WPF Barcelona wants to go beyond what forums have been until today. The new presidency and its team consider the WPF as an opportunity to help project Barcelona and Catalonia abroad and to promote the values of dialogue and understanding that have always characterized Catalan society.

The WPF Barcelona began in September 2022, will have a three-day forum centralized in Barcelona, nonetheless, during all the previous and subsequent months there will be events around the territory to promote peace. The aim is to permanently turn Barcelona, and by extension Catalonia, into the European capital of peace.

About Schengen Peace Foundation

The Schengen Peace Foundation was initiated in 2005 as a not-for-profit charity approved by his Majesty Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg on Oct 19th, 2007. The Foundation contributes to the construction of a more peaceful world by promoting peace, tolerance and understanding through multicultural dialogue with the help of discussions, publications, exhibitions and workshops, internet platforms, encounters, exchange and education programs as well as studies about peace.

Her Majesty de Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and Mr Dominicus Rohde, founder and president of the Schengen Peace Foundation.

Since 2007, the Schengen Peace Foundation holds a yearly event called the World Peace Forum which brings together academics, senior government officials, peace-activists, business executives, journalists, educators, students, religious leaders and other interested citizens. The aim is to promote interest in global issues and develop expertise in the next generation of leaders.

Luxembourg Peace Prize Awards

Since 2016 the Peace Chair has become the award given to the laureates of the Luxembourg Peace Prize organized by the Schengen Peace Foundation. The award ceremony takes place annually at the historic seat of the European Parliament in Luxembourg. The award is a special edition, 30cm high, finished in steel and engraved on the base, numbered and signed by Duván.

The conceptual origin of this work is situated in the peace talks in Colombia in 1999, the episode of the empty chair and the impossibility of achieving peace. Duván wants to break with the single vision, the single gaze and ultimately with the single truth. In this work he achieves this by breaking with the single Renaissance perspective. The artist challenges us to search for answers.

About The Global Prospects

The Forum comprises conferences, dialogue sessions, workshops and other activities by an average of 200 expert speakers from all across the world; all bring valuable contributions to the fields of conflict prevention, peacekeeping, human rights and development. To give these people a medium through which they may share these ideas and ideals, we aim to build “Global Prospects, The World Peace Journal” as an academic journal, published and distributed for the international interdisciplinary academic community, as well as intra-governmental institutions of the world and the diplomatic corps.

Putting Professionalism at the Center of Our Action

The World Peace Forum seeks to be the global venue for responsible debates, research, and analyses of all elements of developing a peaceful world; even a place where propaganda for peace can be developed, a home for best practice exchange.

In order to ensure that the World Peace Forum can give you the visibility you deserve, the Schengen Peace Foundation wants to continuously scale-up its organization and professional resources by engaging professionals in its activities.

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