—  From 23 to 25th November 2023  —


Barcelona , 23-25th November 2023

Global Peace Index 2023. Measuring peace in the world

Presentation of the annual report prepared by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). This indicator measures the level of peace of nations and regions and presents the trends of increase and decrease of global violence. We will get to know the conclusions of the 2023 report first-hand, its indicators and the methodology applied.


Michael Collins

Executive Director. Institute for Economics & Peace.

Michael develops working partnerships with Americas-based governments, civil society organizations, foundations, universities, businesses and think tanks and seeks new opportunities to build IEP’s presence and impact throughout the Americas, with particular focus on expanding the use of IEP’s Positive Peace Framework as a training tool and an evidence-based metric for peace-centered development.

The Institute for Economics and Peace aims to create a paradigm shift in the way the world thinks about peace. We do this by developing global and national indices, calculating the economic cost of violence, analyzing country level risk and fragility, and understanding Positive Peace.

Its research is used extensively by governments, academic institutions, think tanks, non-governmental organizations and by intergovernmental institutions such as the OECD, The Commonwealth Secretariat, the World Bank and the United Nations. The Institute is headquartered in Sydney with offices in 6 countries, and our research achieves over 20 billion media impressions across 150 countries each year.