—  From 23 to 25th November 2023  —


Barcelona , 23-25th November 2023

PauWa: Bridge for peace between Hiroshima and Barcelona in the metaverse

I hope that Hiroshima will use the power of digital technology to bring peace to the world and make peace the norm.


Yushi Hoshiyama

“From Hiroshima, with wishes for peace.”

Director Innovation Hub in Barcelona. Born in Hiroshima City, Japan, he worked as a system development engineer before founding Wact Inc. which unites systems development engineers. He served as a CEO for 10 years, and in 2019 formed a capital alliance through M&A with LTS corporation, whose core business is IT Consulting. From 2020 he is participating in Hiroshima Sandbox Project, in which Hiroshima Prefecture support startups needed to create innovation and is managing the operation of the innovation Hub Hiroshima Camps, which bill become a center for innovation creation in Hiroshima. In the PAUWA projected, he has created VRs for MNAC (Museum Nacional d’art de Catalunya) and “Innovation Hub Hiroshima Camps”.

Shohei Ikeda

“I hope that Hiroshima will use the power of digital technology to bring peace to the world and make peace the norm. Shohei Ikeda.”

I am the CEO of two companies, a start-up company developing and operating application systems in Hiroshima Prefecture and an apparel company handling the Barcelona brand. I am planning and directing the PAUWA project in Japan. (Barcelona-Hiroshima) Selected for HIROSHIMA UNICON10, a project recommended by Hiroshima Prefecture. Many TV appearances / lectures / speaking engagements in Hiroshima Prefecture. Hiroshima is a city that has been exposed to radiation, and at the recent G7 summit, Hiroshima pledged to be a nuclear-free city.

Chiho Kijma

“I believe that the time to enjoy music, paintings, movies, and games is peace moment.”

Illustrator, art director and an ambassador of Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona, based in Tokyo and Barcelona. As an art peace ambassador Leads the PAUWA project. (Barcelona-Hiroshima). Illustrations for many clients in the publishers
Company Image: The Procter & Gamble Company Japan; Shiseido collaboration with fashion magazine; Swarovski Japan; Miss Universe Japan and Weider in Jelly; SPEEDO; Ministry Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries Event image

Masazumi Yugari

Japanese author/journalist graduated from Temple University, PA, in the U.S.A., and has covered various topics from international politics to cross-cultural issues, including Art and Sports for multiple media. He has been concentrating on “Hiroshima” for the last decade, where A-bomb survivors (average age of 85.01 years old now) are rapidly disappearing with their gruesome memories of the 6th of August in 1945. Mr. Yugari’s bestselling nonfiction novel “The Baton for Peace” shall show you the new direction and hope how to hand their valuable experiences down to posterity and share with the rest of the world, which is facing the nuclear war crisis.

Oriol Ribera

Cofundador de Innovation Safari. Oriol is a senior product designer and innovator with 15 years of experience creating key innovative digital businesses to help Nokia, Telefónica, and Nestlé innovate and deliver first-in-class digital experiences to consumers with a twist of new technologies, resulting in sustained exponential business growth. Along this journey, he has had the amazing opportunity to work and cooperate with unique thought leaders that greatly broadened my perspective not only on technology but also on science, gastronomy, business, and innovation. I praise them for sharing their unique viewpoints and receptivity to listen and sometimes endorse the proposed ideas, designs, business models, and action plans.