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Barcelona , 23-25th November 2023

Josep Fèlix, President of the World Peace Forum

Presentation ceremony of the World Peace Forum in the Salón de los Atlantes of the Real Círculo Artístico.

Catalonia Talent, 21 September 2022

Josep Fèlix Bentz, President of the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona, is since last June the first Catalan to preside over an entity of these characteristics, which promotes international peace, the World Peace Forum based in Luxembourg. This Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Royal Artistic Circle, the World Peace Forum presented the international meeting that will take place in Barcelona in 2023, and which will make the city and Catalonia a permanent international reference point for peace.

In this sense, the World Peace Forum will hold its international meeting in our city next year, with the challenges of working for peace in the world, and recognising the entities and people who work for these objectives. As Bentz stated before the summer, the World Peace Forum will be “an excellent showcase for all the city projects we have”.

One of the objectives of next year’s World Peace Forum in Barcelona is to have as many countries represented as possible. The president of the association explains: “Africa is one of the great omissions in the news, and at the moment there are multiple wars on its territory and it is not talked about, so we would like this continent to be very present in the talks, debates and workshops,” Bentz declared in Avui.

The presentation ceremony of the World Peace Forum in the Salón de los Atlantes of the Real Círculo Artístico was attended by a good number of institutional and civil society representatives and included a concert by the pianist Ralph Zurmühle.


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