—  From 23 to 25th November 2023  —


Barcelona , 23-25th November 2023


Federico Mayor Zaragoza

Former Director General of UNESCO

High-ranking Spanish international official. The General Director of UNESCO from 1987 to 1999; Ph.D. in Pharmacy, Complutense University of Madrid, 1958; Professor of Biochemistry, the University of Granada. 1963, where he worked as a rector in the period 1968 – 1972, and in 1972 he was appointed as a professor in biochemistry in the Autonomous University of Madrid.

In the political field served as the Minister of Education and Science, the Member of the European Parliament in 1987, the Member of the Cortes Generales of Spain for Granada. Since 2000 he is the President of the Culture of Peace Foundation, and among other positions is the President of the Scientific Council of the Ramón Areces Foundation. During his career received many awards and has been conferred the title of an Honorary doctor at many national and international universities.